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About the Founder

Akouvi D. ATTISSO, founder of the Association Nutifafa Shelter is a woman of faith and a breast cancer survivor; she is a woman who really fights for her home, her family and for her Society. Bella founded this association in order to give hope to families who endure the same difficulties that she and her family endured; to help them stand the challenges they face during their moments of illness; to give hope to orphans whose parents were fatally overwhelmed by cancer and to contribute to society's efforts to fight cancer. Bella is a professional Accountant, but she decides to devote part of her time to the needy.

National Program for the Fight Against Cancer / Togo Cancer Plan 2016-2020

This Togo Cancer Plan is based on the revised 2012-2015 Integrated Strategic Plan for NCDs, revised in December 2013. This plan is a guiding document to facilitate coordinated and concerted action to achieve the goals. and the objectives of the (...)

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Rare lung tumors, mapping to better guide patients

A team of 70 researchers conducted a thorough molecular description of neuroendocrine lung tumors, thus identifying patients with a severe form of these rare cancers. The generated data open up perspectives for better support. In our body, (...)

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Immunotherapies: a nanoplateform to optimize their action

Immunotherapies developed in recent years show remarkable efficacy, in some patients only, and carry the risk of significant side effects ... To improve this state of affairs, researchers have developed an approach to deliver the famous (...)

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  • Lord Jesus Christ, we hold our hands together as a definition of union, we bow our knees and humbly, we come to you to ask you forgiveness. We pray for all who are facing sickness especially those who are fighting cancer. Give them hope, courage and strength they need each day. We pray that you comfort them in their pain and bless them with healing. Strengthen their family, friends and caregivers. In Jesus’ name. God we believe in your love because all your promises are Yes and Amen; you never failed because you hold our future. May your healing power and your resurrected power move and touch every life reading this prayer so that your name be glorified. Thank you Jehovah Rapha, we love you because you are a good, good father. Amen.  
  • In the meantime, we keep faith in the manifestation of healing, full of gratitude to You and give You all the honor for what You will do. Amen
    by The Founder- APRIL 26th 2020
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