Mission and Statement

What we do and why

Our mission at Nutifafa Shelter is to embody the love of God by providing support and encouragement to families as they exercise their faith in pursuit of healing from cancer. Additionally, we are dedicated to offering hope to children and orphans who have lost a parent to cancer.


According to the National Institute of Health diagnosis and treatment of cancer for a parent has a considerable impact on the lives of their children, extended family, and caregivers. During the years of our experience, we have noticed that children are unconsciously and unintentionally left behind when their parents go through chemo, radiation, surgery, and other difficult therapies. No parent wants this to happen, but they are overwhelmed, stressed, and sometimes frightened by this acute health challenge. They are distracted by pain and anxiety. They have no energy to spare.


As they undergo their journey back to health, parents are often emotionally drained, feeling weak and lost. They are physically depleted. Meanwhile, the children are enduring similar issues at home and, most especially, at school. Nshelter provides emotional support and assistance to those children so their parents can focus more energy on the mental and physical battle to regain health. 

Our goal is to provide practical support to families with a parent navigating a cancer diagnosis to promote a zero-stress environment for the patient.