Mission and Statement

What we Do and Why

According to the US National Institutes of Health, Cancer diagnosis and treatment of a parent has considerable impact on the lives of their minor children, family and caregivers.


From experience, we have noticed that children are unconsciously left behind when their parents are going through chemo, radiation, surgery etc…


Not because the parents are willing but they are overwhelmed, stressed and sometimes scared of this new health challenges and everything that is involved.


In time of treatments, parents may be emotionally weak and lost. This may affect the children at home and most especially at school.


Nshelter provides emotional assistance to those children to give relief and enable the parent for focusing on the fight.


Providing practical support to families who have a parent navigating a cancer diagnosis and offer a zero stress environment to the patient;


The mission of Nutifafa Shelter is to redeem the love of God by accompanying the sick in the exercise of faith in God for the fulfillment of the promise of healing and to give hope to children and orphans of parents who died of cancer.