What we focus on

According to the records obtained from the GLOBOCAN 2018 database of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) (2), the estimated results of 36 cancer types available from 47 countries of the African region of WHO (AFRO) revealed that there are 811,200 new cancer cases (4.5% of the total world) and 534,000 cancer deaths (7.3% of the total world) reported in the AFRO countries in 2018.


An initiative of youth volunteers for social development ,Nutifafa Shelter intervenes in the prevention and fight against chronic diseases such as cancer, education, improvement of the living conditions of children and young people whose parents suffer from cancer or have died from cancer, raise awareness about the cancer diseases especially in women and girls.


The mission of Nutifafa Sheler, is to redeem the love of God by accompanying the sick in the exercise of faith in God for the fulfillment of the promise of healing and to give hope to needed children and orphans of parents who died of cancer .